Client Testimonials

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When I first started with Jolene 8 years ago, it started as a vanity thing. A few years later I fell down a long flight of steps and wound up with no injuries at all…just bruising. I went into Jolene’s and told her my experience. She said if I had not been working out and in shape, I surely would have broken something. From that day forward, I changed my thought process. I now workout with Jolene for my health. I t just makes sense that staying active keeps you younger and healthier. Jolene is my ROCK!

– Jennifer P, 60

I started working with Jolene a year and a half ago when I realized I wanted to be healthier. She was, and is, a dear friend and immediately made me comfortable. She had me set a goal for myself and I am proud to say that I have reached it by losing 50 pounds. Meeting with Jolene twice a week has given me the motivation, desire, and skills to be successful. Not only does Jolene help me physically, she also helps me mentally.  It is pure joy working out with her and I feel like I have conquered a great feat every time I finish one of her workouts. I never feel judged, embarrassed, or defeated when I meet with her. On the contrary, I always leave feeling encouraged and understood. Thanks to Jolene, I feel like a WHOLE, new person.

– Katie L, 45

I began working with Jolene seven years ago. After joining Weight Watchers and loosing a significant amount of weight, I decided I needed a personal trainer to help me keep the weight off and tone up.   Little did I know I would not only get into better shape but also gain a friend! I already exercised, mostly cardio, but needed work in strengthening my core and work with weights to improve overall strength and balance.  Jolene provided me with workout routines that address all these areas. Her routines are changed several times a year to keep my muscles (and me!) from getting bored and are always challenging.  I know that I am stronger and in  better shape than I was when I began this fitness journey with Jolene.

– Barbara F, 65

Because I lack self discipline and motivation, I have been exercising with Jolene twice a week for over 12 years.  Foremost, what I do enjoy is her cheerful and encouraging personality. What I don’t enjoy is doing planks and other “good-for-me-but-hard-to-do” exercises. What I do enjoy is how she programs my workouts according to my needs. What I don’t enjoy is not doing an exercise right. What I do enjoy is that these sessions help my balance, which is easily lost as we age, and my upper body strength.

– Dorothy B, 73